How to do your thesis in a month?

To finish your thesis in record time and with high quality, it is necessary to put into practice a set of tips that we mention below:

Write two pages per day

The most important advice is that you write at least two pages a day, in this way; By the end of the month you will have written 60 pages or more. This could mean four chapters of 15 pages or three chapters of 20 pages. Which for an undergraduate thesis is enough, after attaching the preliminary pages. To write two pages a day, you will have to allocate between 1 and 3 hours a day to your thesis, including reading and writing.

You must bear in mind that in the eternal debate of Quality versus Quantity, quality always wins, considering that, do not worry about having a thesis of 150 or 200 pages in total. It is better to have a thesis of 70 or 80 pages with excellent content, to have an extensive with repetitive content, difficult to read and with few significant contributions. Although, a relatively short thesis does not guarantee quality either, if the advice given in this manual is followed, there is a guarantee of a good and worthy investigation by an undergraduate student.

Verify the availability of data and information on the subject

Before selecting the topic of the thesis, it is necessary to corroborate that there is enough information in the form of books, articles, blogs, among others. The reason underlying this advice reads: if there is no information, there is no thesis.

Choose a topic that you’re passionate about

Choosing a theme with this characteristic will allow the act of writing the thesis not to be a martyrdom or something tedious, but the ideas will flow better and will be an enjoyable exercise. The preparation of the thesis is a process that will require a lot of time and resources on your part, so selecting a topic that attracts you will be essential to meet the delivery times and a formidable research.

Delineate the investigation

It is convenient that in the prolegomena of the thesis establish a delimitation in terms of time, geographic space and scope of the study. It is not advisable to pretend to do a thesis with these undefined variables. Otherwise, you run the risk of spreading too much and without getting relevant results. You have to take into account the old saying: “Who covers a lot little squeezes”.

Check the state of the art

It is important that one of the main points in choosing the subject is to make a review of different databases and research repositories to verify that there are no investigations identical to yours. Naturally, there will be many similar ones, but many thesis advisers dislike clichés and well-worn themes. It is not about having a unique thesis, but it is ideal that it has some aspects in its development that distinguish it from the others. Additionally, this revision will allow you to collect some documents that will later enrich your state of the art or background.

Build a work schedule

This schedule should be strict compliance, that is, if you had planned to finish a chapter in two weeks, the correct thing is that if for some reason in a day you can not write the two corresponding pages, the next day you will not write two pages but three or four, in such a way that you compose and do not fall behind.

Quote only authors from reliable sources

To avoid setbacks, it is necessary that you only consult reliable sources and references. In that sense, your first alternative should not be to mention web portals such as Wikipedia, Rincón del Vago,, etc .; These sources serve as a reference, but not to reference them in your thesis, because it reduces credibility and most of the advisers are annoyed to find a type appointment.

Check documents with similar topics

It is necessary that you consult documents that serve as a guide, that is, works that address the same topic from a different perspective. It is not so that the plagues, but so that in those moments where the ideas do not flow, observe the way in how they begin, develop or finish such investigations and thus overcome the mental blockage.

Select places without distractions

When you sit down to write the thesis you must select places that favor your productivity. Where you have absolute concentration and avoid the distractors. Additionally, it is recommended that at the time of writing your thesis you close all social networks.

You should always have pencil and paper at hand

It is important that throughout the process of preparing your thesis you carry in your bag or pocket a paper to take notes and a pencil, because ideas can arrive at any time and place of the day, and sometimes if you do not write them they can forget you and you have missed something very valuable. Additionally, you should always have a copy of your thesis documents, because many times the PC or the USB memory is damaged and we could lose a lot of work and time invested in this.

To conclude, these 10 principles of indispensable compliance summarize the path that the thesis must take to complete his thesis in record time while maintaining high academic and investigative rigor.

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