Amazon Idols Million Maker Online Slot Rating and reviews

Prepare yourself for an adventure in the Amazon rainforest. We are going idol hunting, so make sure you bring a raincoat and any other heavy-duty equipment you may need. The Amazon Idols Million Maker slot machine from NextGen will whisk you away on an adventure through the dense Amazonian rainforest as you search for enigmatic idols. While it’s true that the jungle may be a dangerous area, the fact that each idol is worth millions of dollars makes it well worth the risk of getting a few scratches or bites from spiders.

The Amazon Idols slot is a thrilling and exciting game that is better suited for more experienced players because to its high level of volatility and its return to player percentage of 92.25 percent. Not that newbies won’t like it; with such a diverse selection of betting choices, you may play for whatever stake you wish and still have a chance at winning the jackpot. That’s right: the Million Maker portion of the slot’s name refers to the most money that can be won, which is an incredible jackpot of one million coins. On desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices, you have equal chances of taking home the grand prize.

The Amazon Idols Million Maker slot machine, which was developed by NextGen and has three different bonus games, has the potential to make you a millionaire very quickly at the best online casino sites. This gorgeous slot, which seems like it’s too good to be true since it has expanding wilds and the potential for minor, major, or MEGA jackpots, awaits you. Your search for your idol will be rewarded with exciting rewards if the rumor turns out to be accurate, which is the fact.

Controls & Configuration for Amazon’s Million Maker Slot Game

At first sight, the Amazon Idols Million Maker slot machine seems to have an adequate level of complexity, which is OK with us. It is the ideal location for a slot machine called Amazon Idols since it is placed against a backdrop of the Amazonian rainforest and has odd idols “lurking” from the background. It is a vibrant game with a focus on green and a frame for the reels that is see-through, giving the impression that it has been well polished and is made of glass.

Wins are tallied from left to right, just as they are in every other kind of slot machine. On the 25 paylines that are always active, you may wager anywhere from 0.01 to 500 coins. On the reels, you will not only discover the standard playing card suits, but also unique totems and other objects that were most likely unearthed from the depths of the Amazon rainforest. The wild symbol is a lovely young lady, and she may take the place of any other symbol in a winning combination—with the exception of the scatter and the Jackpot idol. The Amazon Idols logo serves as the game’s scatter symbol. If you are fortunate enough to land three or more of them anywhere on a payline, you will win a payout that is equal to 1,250 times your initial wager, or you will activate one of the game’s three fascinating bonus rounds.

Naturally, the value of the coin is used as a multiplier to payline winnings. Whenever there is a possibility for you to activate the bonus, the animated visuals will cause the idols that are in the backdrop to shine. When two of the Amazon Idols slot logos appear on the reels at the same time, the game will hold those reels still while it searches the remaining reels for a third Amazon Idols slot logo. If you are successful in doing so, you will be awarded a reward in accordance with the paytable, which will subsequently serve as the foundation for the bonus rounds.

Bonus Functions and Free Spins Are Available in the Amazon Idols Million Maker Game

The outcome of your spins on the Amazon Idols slot machine is exactly what you anticipated. You begin by establishing your wager, then you spin the reels, and finally, you wait to see the results. Either a five-of-a-kind symbol on a payline or at least three of those game logos will trigger the bonus round, so your goal is to achieve whichever of these two outcomes occurs first. In the interim, you have the chance to win a few less significant prizes, which will be increased in value if you are also successful in landing a wild symbol.

The bonus rounds in this fantastic slot machine are the game’s true stars. The Amazon Idols Million Maker slot game has three different idols and three different methods for players to win the jackpot. You have three separate opportunities to win a minor, major, or MEGA jackpot when playing the bonus round. This is where the million dollar prize may be found. You don’t need to fret; even if you don’t win the jackpot, the bonus rounds provide prizes that are valuable enough to keep you spinning for a long time.

Three or more scatter symbols may appear anywhere on the reels to activate the extra features, which are then distributed at random. You have a chance of winning the Amazonia Free Games bonus, as well as the Grid of Amazonia and the Wheel of Amazonia bonuses. The first one is not too difficult to understand. You are rewarded with ten free spins, during which you may choose one of three bonus features: either expanding wilds on all reels without a multiplier, expanding wilds on reels 2, 3, and 4, or expanding wilds on reel 3 with a multiplier of five times. You will make some more money regardless of whatever choice you choose from the three possibilities since each one has the potential to be highly successful.

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